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What Is ADM And ADM Full Form, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website FullformsMeaning, today once again we are here for you with important information which is known as What Is ADM And ADM Full Form.


Friends, have you also searched about the full form of ADM, ADM post full form, what is ADM full form and what is ADM means, etc And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfying answer so you have come to the right place to Know the basics about ADM officer full form, and ADM meaning in English and how to become ADM, etc.


Friends, whenever you hear that a new ADM has come into the district, then the idea comes to your mind that after all what is ADM and what is ADM Full Form, today I will make you aware of all the meaning of ADM. If you also want to know complete things about ADM then stay till the end.

What is ADM And ADM full form?



What is ADM?


Many people think that we call District Magistrate or District Officer ADM but it is wrong information.


Friends ADM is an official post that is one of the higher posts of government service.


ADM Full Form


The full form of ADM is “Additional District Magistrate“.


What Is The Meaning Of ADM?


Friends, just as there is a DM in the district, similarly ADM is also appointed in the district.


Whenever there is the absence of DM, all the work is handled by the ADM or sometimes a lot of the work of the district is present with the DM, then some work is handed over to the ADM and those tasks are completed by the ADM and Have to submit a report to dm.


ADM vs DM (Who Has More Power?)


Friends, this is a very common question that comes to everyone’s mind But let me tell you that in the absence of DM or in some special case and situation, the power of DM is transferred to ADM.


Hopefully, now you must have come to know that, in some particular situations, all the power of DM is with the ADM.


We all know that about government service, people always dream of becoming a high officer, so if they do not know how to become an ADM, then today I am going to tell you how to become an ADM.


How To Become ADM?


Friends, if you also want to become an ADM, then first of all you have to complete your graduation because for this you have to give UPSC exam. Friends, you can give UPSC exam only after graduation, after cracking the UPSC exam, you become ADM and your dream will come true.


Apart from this, ADM has different meanings in many areas, I will tell you that too.


Other ADM Full Form


Short Form

Full Form

ADM Full Form

Additional District Magistrate

ADM Full Form In Hindi

अपर जिला अधिकारी

ADM Full Form In District

Additional District Magistrate

ADM Full Form In Bank

Automated Decision Making

ADM Full Form In Insurance

Agency Development Manager

ADM Full Form In Digital Communication

Adaptive Delta Modulation

ADM Full Form In Census And Statistics

Average Daily Membership

ADM Full Form In Companies And Corporation

Archer Daniels Midland Company

ADM Full Form In Air Transport

 Aeronautical Decision Making

ADM Full Forms In Organization

Abu Dhabi Media

ADM Full Form In Departments

Abu Dhabi Municipality

ADM Full Form In Weapons And Force

Atomic Demolition Munition


Who is the senior ADM or SDM?


The full form of SDM is “Sub Divisional Magistrate” Whereas the Senior Deputy Collector who is ADM (Additional District Magistrate) is immediately after the DM (District Magistrate).


Friends SDM is responsible for only one revenue division or sub-division or sub-district and this post is below ADM post because ADM is responsible for the whole district.


In a big city like Patna, apart from DM and SDM, there is one more post which is ADM. The work of these three is almost the same, but in a big city, one or two people are not enough to handle and manage the whole city so ADM is appointed. An SDM promotion creates an ADM and a DM.


How can I become an ADM officer after the 12th?


It is not possible to become an ADMin officer just after passing 12th Because for this it is mandatory to have the minimum qualification “Graduation”.


How much is the salary of an ADM?


According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of any ADM officer is Rs 56100. Apart from this, ADM officers are also given many other allowances including Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance.


When to start IAS preparation?


There is no specific age limit to start preparing for IAS. But most IAS aspirants start preparing for this exam after graduation at the age of 20 or 21.


How long is the IAS course?


It takes at least 2 to 3 years to prepare for Civil Services. You can start preparing for it from the day of your graduation.


ADM Full Form YouTube Video Guide

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Through the above article ADM Full Form | What Is The Full Form Of ADM, I have told you the Full Form of ADM, what is the meaning of ADM, what is ADM full form, what is ADM, etc, ADM officer full form, and meaning in English, what is ADM means and how to become ADM, etc.


If you liked this information, then definitely share it with your friends If you have any doubts related to this article then tell us in the comment section.


Thanks for staying till the end of the article.

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