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Friends, have you also searched about What Is The CDPO Full Form, Full Form Of CDPO, CDPO Ka Full Form and What is CDPO Meaning, etc And you are disappointed because not get a satisfactory answer so you have come to a right place to Know the basics about How To become CDPO Officer, What Is CDPO, CDPO Full Form In Hindi and How to become CDPO, etc.

Friends, even today there is a different enthusiasm and passion among the youth for getting a government job. In such a situation, if you have also come to know about CDPO officers from anywhere and do not know the full form of CDPO, then stay till the end of the article, and you will get complete information related to CDPO meaning.

What is CDPO and CDPO full form?

CDPO Full Form

C – Child

D – Development

P – Project

O – Officer

CDPO Ka Full Form is “Child Development Project Officer”. Which takes charge of editing the necessary steps related to maintaining the health of the children.

CDPO Full Form In Hindi

CDPO Full Form In Hindi is “बाल विकास परियोजना अधिकारी“.

Other CDPO full-form

Short Form

Full Form

CDPO Full Form In Anganwadi   

Child Development Project Officer

CDPO Full Form In ICDS 

Child Development Project Officer


Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization


Constant Proportion Debt Obligation


Chief Data Protection Officer


Civil Disturbance Planning And Operations


Central District Project Office

CDPO Kya Hai (What Is CDPO?)

CDPO (Child Development Project Officer) is a post appointed by the state government. the responsibility of the person in charge is to develop children below the age of six years and to provide necessary facilities and nutritional items to pregnant women.

Malnutrition is a common problem among children, due to which their physical and mental development is affected. In such a situation, the priority of the government is to save children from this and it appoints CDPOs, who work to reduce infant mortality in the country and save children from malnutrition.

CDPO Meaning in Hindi

The main task of the Child Development Project Officer is to do the physical development of the children and to deliver all those necessary things to the pregnant women so that the baby growing in their womb does not suffer from any kind of deficiency.

How To become CDPO Officer?

If you want to do a government job then CDPO can be a good option for you. This is a very good job. Along with this, you are also given a good salary for this.

To become a CDPO officer, you have to complete your graduation from any recognized university. After this, the PCS exam conducted by the state government will have to be given. If you are successful in this then only you can be appointed to the post of CDPO.


What Is The CDPO Full Form In Hindi?

The Full Form Of CDPO is “Child Development Project Officer“.

What Are Some Requirements To Become CDPO?

1. For general category candidates, the minimum age limit is 21 years and the maximum age limit is 37 years, with a 3-year relaxation for OBC and a 5-year relaxation for SC/ST.

2. To become a CDPO you have to clear three steps.

A. Preliminary Examination

B. Main Examination

C. Interview

To clear these steps, you have to read General Science, History, General Knowledge and Hindi very well and also you have to study the previous year’s questions well.

What Is the Salary Of a CDPO Officer?

CDPO is a very responsible and respected post. CDPO officers get different pay scales in different states. Generally, a CDPO officer gets a salary of around Rs 10000 to 40000. Apart from this, some common facilities such as government vehicles, residences, telephone, pension etc. are also available.

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