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What Is CID And CID Full Form, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website FullformsMeaning. Today once again we are here for you with important information which is known as What Is CID And CID Full Form.

Friends, have you also searched about Full Form of CID, what is the Meaning of CID, what is CID full form and what is CID, etc And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfying answer so you have come to the right place to know the basics about how to become Crime Branch Officer, CID meaning in English, what is CID means and what is CID qualification.


Friends if you read the newspaper or watch the news, then you often get to see and hear the name of CID investigation then the idea comes to your mind after all what is CID and what is CID Full Form. Today I will make you aware of all the meaning of CID so stay till the end of the article.


Most of us want to be artistsTeachersDoctors, and Engineers but some people want to do something different, yes some people want to become CID officers.


If you want to come into this field and want to make your career in this field then you should start preparing for it.

 What is CID and CID full form?


CID Full form


The full form of CID is the “Crime Investigation Department“.


Full Form Of CID In Hindi


अपराध जांच विभाग


CID Full Form In Medical


The full form of CID in medical is “Combined Immuno Deficiency“.


CID Full Form In Science


Cubic Inch

Charge Injection Device

Committee On Infectious Diseases

Central Information Display


What is CID?


The CID was formed by the British Government in 1902 on the recommendation of the Police Commission to maintain law and order in the country.


You can simply say that CID is other than the police and such cases which are more sensitive and important, are investigated by the CID agency instead of the police.


What is the meaning of CID?


The officers of the CID department work intelligently and they do not wear any special uniform so that no one can be identified them and they can expose any kind of crime.


To become a CID officer, you must have a sharp mind, a strong body, and the ability to solve any task Because these things are going to make you a better CID officer.


How to become a crime branch officer?


A. Eligibility For CID Officer


Becoming a CID Officer is not an easy task. For this, you have to work hard continuously so that no stone is left unturned and you can become a CID Officer.


Now let’s talk about what qualifications should be required to become a CID officer.


Age Limit


First of all, if we talk about the age limit for the general category, it has been kept at 20 to 27 years. The age limit for OBC category candidates has been held at 20 to 30 years, while for SC and ST category candidates, the age limit has been kept at 20 to 35 years.


Qualification for CID


If we talk about educational qualifications, then to become a CID, at least you must have passed 12th. If you want to go to any high post in this, then you must be a graduate of a recognized university.


There is no such Boundation for the job of CID Officer, both men and women can apply for this job. They just need to get Indian citizenship.


B. Attempts For A CID


Like every government job, you can try 4 to 7 times in this too.


General category candidates can attempt 4 times, OBC category candidates can try 7 times, and SC and ST candidates can attempt it many times i.e. There is no limit for candidates of this category.


C. Selection Process


Now let’s talk about the selection process to become a CID officer. You have to give Written tests, Physical tests, and interviews. Only after that, is your selection is done.


In this way, you can become a CID officer only based on performing well in all.


D. Physical Criteria to become a CID Officer


Height For Men – 165 Cm


Height For Women – 150 Cm


Chest– 76 Centimeters


Eye-Sight(With Or Without Glasses) –


Distant Vision: 6/6 In One and 6/9 In The Other


Near Vision: 0.6 In One Eye and 0.8 In Another Eye


How To Apply For CID Exam


The examination of CID officers is conducted every year by UPSC and SSC (Staff Selection Commission). You can go to their website and check about online applications.


CID Exam Pattern


Its exam is in two parts. In the first exam, there is a paper of 200 marks in which you get 2 hours.


There are questions from English, mathematics, and GK. And for each wrong answer, the 1/4th mark is deducted.


The second paper is worth 400 marks, for which a time limit of 4 hours is given.


In this paper, questions from mathematics and English are asked, and for each wrong answer, 1/2 of a mark is deducted, i.e., negative marking.


If you pass both these exams and physical tests then you are called for an interview after which you become a CID officer.


CID Officer Salary


You must be thinking that this work is very tremendous but what about the salary, if we talk about the salary here, then a normal CID officer gets a salary of ₹ 30000 to ₹ 40000.


Work Of CID


The primary function of CID is to investigate cases like murder, rape, dacoity, and theft. In these cases, whoever the suspect is, the CID collects the evidence against him and presents the suspect with the evidence in court.


Types of CID Officers


There are different types of job profiles for CID officers which are explained further.


Inquiry Officer: The job of the Inquiry officers is to interrogate the criminals, collect evidence against the suspects and prepare a report according to the result that comes from their efforts and submit that report to the court. 


Criminologists: They assist the law in identifying and understanding criminal behaviour.


Narcotics Officer: Narcotics officers work to prevent the use and distribution of illegal trees, as well as disseminate information related to drug prevention within society.


Fraud Investigator / Fraud Investigator: It investigates fraud based on the facts and statements of the applicant etc. It also handles the development of policies for the prevention and detection of fraud.


Police Officer: Based on the information given by the applicant, their job is to apprehend the criminals, arrest the suspects, testify on the cases, and make arrangements for public security.




Question: When was CID established?

Answer: CID was established in 1902.

Question: During whose reign CID was established?

Answer: During the reign of the British Government.

Question: Who is the head of CID?

Answer: The head of CID is ADGP (Additional Director General of Police).

Question: How much height is required to become a CID?

Answer: 165 cm for male candidates and 150 cm for female candidates.

Question: How to make a complaint in CID?

Answer: CID i.e. Crime investigation department is different for each state. You can go to the head office of your state CID to make a complaint here.


If we talk about Uttar Pradesh, then the head office of CID in Uttar Pradesh is in Lucknow, whose address, phone number, fax number, and email are as follows.


Address: Vikalp Khand II, Near Amity Institute, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Ph: 0522-2729014

Fax: 0522-2729011

E-Mail : cbcid@.nic.In


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