What is KYC and KYC full form – Full Guide 2024

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What Is KYC And KYC Full Form, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website FullformsMeaning. Today once again we are here for you with important information which is known as What Is KYC And KYC Full Form.

Friends, have you also searched about KYC Ka Full Form, E KYC Full Form, What is KYC Meaning and KYC Ki Full Form, etc And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfactory answer so you have come to the right place to Know the basics about Full Form Of KYC, What Is The KYC Full Form, What Is KYC Form, and what is CKYC, etc.

Friends if you read the newspaper or go to the bank, then you often get to see and hear the name of the KYC, then the idea comes to your mind that after all what is KYC and what is KYC Full Form. Today I will make you aware of all the meaning of KYC so stay till the end of the article.

What Is KYC And KYC Full Form?


KYC Full Form


K – Know

Y – Your

C – Customer


Thus KYC Ka Full Form is “Know Your Customer“.


KYC Full Form In Hindi


KYC in Hindi means “अपने ग्राहक को जानिये” i.e. by filling the KYC form, banking institutions keep all the information related to their customer with them.


Other Full Form Of KYC 


Short Form        

Form Full

KYC Full Form In Banking             

Know Your Customer

KYC Full Form In Paytm 

Know Your Customer

KYC Full Form In English

Know Your Customer

KYC Full Form In Telugu

మీ కస్టమర్ తెలుసు

KYC Ka Full Form             

Know Your Customer


KYC Kya Hai (What is KYC?)


The KYC system was started by RBI to identify the people associated with any financial institution such as a bank, company etc. This makes it easier for financial institutions to get the necessary information related to their customers.


What Is KYC Form?


KYC Form is a form filled in by financial institutions for the information of their customers, on which the customer fills in his information and attaches the necessary documents and submits it to the financial institution. Being KYC complete helps financial institutions to prevent incidents like fraud.


KYC Ka Matlab Kya Hai (KYC Meaning In Hindi)


It is very important for financial institutions to keep the information of their customers. For this, they keep an eye on the transactions done by them through their Aadhar card and PAN card. For example, if you have an account in a bank, then you must have filled out the KYC form. you must have filled all the details and submitted them to the bank along with the required documents.


According to RBI, it is compulsory to have KYC in all bank accounts. All the transactions from those accounts which do not have KYC will be stopped and the bank account will be frozen.


What Are The Types Of KYC?


There are two types of KYC.





What is EKYC?


Friends, the full form of EKYC is “Electronic Know Your Customer“. In which all the work of KYC is done in a digital way i.e. in EKYC a person is identified electronically or digitally.


Earlier identification of the person is done with paper documents but now it is accomplished with the help of electronic devices. Aadhaar KYC is the most popular under EKYC in India, in which your Retina and Finger Print are stored digitally.


What is CKYC?


The full form of CKYC is “Central Know Your Customer“. CKYC stands for Central KYC, which allows the centralization of the personal information of the customer. CKYC can be used by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, NBFCs etc.


The CKYC program was announced by the Government of India in the Union Budget 2012-13 and came into effect in July 2016. Central KYC (CKYC) is being managed by The Central Registration Of Securitization And Asset Reconstruction And Security Interest In India.




KYC Ka Full Form Kya Hai


The full form of KYC is “Know Your Customer“.


What Is E KYC Full Form?


The full form of EKYC is “Electronic Know Your Customer“.


What Are The Required Documents For KYC?


While filling out the KYC form, a passport-size photograph and any one of your identity proofs such as an Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID or Driver’s License is required.


Why is KYC necessary?


1. It helps in getting information about the customer


2. Helpful in preventing incidents like a fraud.


3. Helpful in identifying customers when they get the financial facilities.


4. Helpful in preventing tax evasion


What Are The Uses Of KYC?


1. For personal identification,


2. In banking, financial transactions,


3. In getting the closed bank account opened,


4. In the legal process,


5. In government and administrative work,


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