What is NCB and NCB full form – Full Guide 2024

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What is NCB and NCB Full Form, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website FF Meaning. Today once again we are here for you with important information which is known as What is NCB and NCB Full Form.

Friends, have you also searched about NCB Ka Full Form, What Is The NCB Full Form, Full Form Of NCB and what is the full form of NCB, etc And you are disappointed because not get a satisfactory answer so you have come to the right place to Know the basics about NCB Full Form In Insurance, NCB Kya Hai, NCB Full Form In Hindi and How to become an NCB Officer, etc.

Friends, you must have heard the name of NCB on a newspaper or news channel, and then the idea comes to your mind that after all what is NCB and what is NCB Full Form? Today I will make you aware of all the meanings of NCB so stay till the end of the article.

What is NCB and NCB full form?

NCB Full Form




Thus NCB Ka Full Form is “Narcotics Control Bureau“.

NCB Full Form In Hindi

The full form of NCB in Hindi is “स्वापक नियंत्रण ब्यूरो“.

Other Full Form Of NCB

Short Form        

Full Form

NCB Full Form In Insurance         

No Claim Bonus

NCB Full Form In Police 

Narcotics Control Bureau

NCB Full Form In English              

Narcotics Control Bureau

NCB Full Form In Health

Narcotics Control Bureau


National Child Benefit


National Commercial Bank


No Christmas Bonus

What Is NCB?

NARCOTICS CONTROL BUREAU is a government agency that works to prevent illegal substances and drug smuggling, as well as take action against illegal smugglers of drugs and narcotics.

NCB is an agency affiliated with the Ministry of Home Affairs which was formed in March 1986 under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, of 1985.

What is NCB Meaning?

Just as there is an intelligence investigation agencies like CID, CBI and ED to investigate crime in our country, similarly NCB is an intelligence agency working to stop drugs and their smuggling in the country.

Friends, nowadays, there is a need to remove this evil (drugs) from society and this work is being done well by NCB. NCB plays an important role to save the country from drugs.

Officers working in NCB are selected from the Indian Revenue Service, Indian Police Service, and Paramilitary Forces.

What are the Functions of NCB?

The main task of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is to prevent drug smuggling and expose the gangs doing this work.

Apart from this, NCB performs many functions.

1. NCB, in collaboration with international agencies INCB, INTERPOL etc. monitors the international border and cracks down on the drug mafia.

2. Provides training to the employees and officers associated with NCB.

3. To establish coordination between central and state agencies and disseminate information to the departments concerned.


Where is NCB Head Office located?

The headquarters of NCB is in New Delhi. Apart from this, it has a Zonal Office in the following cities.

1. Ahmedabad

2. Kolkata

3. Chennai

4. Jodhpur

5. Varanasi

6. Jammu

7. Delhi

8. Mumbai

9. Chandigarh

How to become an NCB Officer?

NCB Department does direct recruitment of officers through UPSC or SSC CGL exam, in addition to this, the Indian Police Service, Indian Revenue Service and paramilitary forces who have work experience of 5 years or more, also have a chance to become NCB officers through NCB Recruitment Exam. get

What Is The Full Form Of NCB?

NCB Ka Full Form is “Narcotics Control Bureau” (Narcotics Control Bureau).

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