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What Is RIP And RIP Full Form, Hello everyone, and welcome to our website, FullformsMeaning. Today, we are here to provide you with amazing information that is increasingly popular on social media, namely What Is RIP and RIP in Full Form.


Friends, have you looked up the full form of RIP? What is the full form of RIP? What is the meaning of RIP? What is the meaning of RIP in English? And you’re frustrated because you’re not getting a satisfactory response, so you’ve come to the right place to learn the fundamentals of RIP full form meaning, RIP meaning in death, what is RIP in English, and RIP full form.


You must have often seen that whenever someone dies, people use the word RIP in the comment box of social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. To pay tribute to that person and many of our brothers think That the meaning of this RIP is Return If Possible, if you also understand this, then your knowledge is incomplete right now.


If you do not know that RIP Full Form, means RIP, where the word RIP comes from and who should not use the word RIP, then stay till the end of this article, I will give you all the information related to RIP. Let’s start.


What is RIP and RIP full form?



RIP Full Form


The Full form of RIP is “Rest In Peace“.


RIP Full Form In Hindi


The full form of RIP in Hindi is “शांति से आराम करो“.


Other RIP Full Form


There is also some other full forms of RIP that are frequently used. Some are following.


Short Form

Full Form


Routing Information Protocol


Read In Private


Request In Process


Raster Image Processor


Rate Image Processor


Rapid Installation Plan


Return If possible


Regular Investment Plan


Regulation Of Investigatory Power


Refractive Index Profile


Rock Im Park

Research In Progress


Really Inspirational People


Retirement Income Plan


Rapid Install Package


Remote Indicator Panel



Where Did The Word RIP Come From?


The term “RIP” was used in Western countries around the 16th century and evidence of this is found in the remains of those people’s graves.


Friends, the word RIP i.e. Rest In Peace is completely an English word and Christians and British mostly use it often you will get to see the word RIP on Social Media Platforms.


The word RIP is derived from the Latin phrase “Requiescat In Pace”. This word is used for a dead person.


What Is The Meaning Of RIP (RIP Means In English)


RIP means Rest In Peace. In Christianity or Muslim religion, the dead body is buried under the ground, as well as there are some such beliefs in Christianity or Muslim religion, according to which whenever doomsday comes, all these dead bodies lying in the tomb will be alive again until that day Rest In Peace.


Religious Significance of RIP (Rest In Peace) 


As we can see nowadays that people fill the comment section with the word RIP when a post of the death of any celebrity or other comes on social media. But most people don’t know that the word RIP is not made for the Hindu religion.


If Hindu people are also using the word RIP, then they are doing so only because of ignorance and imitation of foreigners.


As we all know that RIP means “Rest in Peace”. And this word is used only for those who are buried in the tomb Because those same people rest peacefully in the grave.


But in Hinduism, after the death of a person, his dead body is burnt because it is believed that the body is mortal and the soul is immortal. The way we change clothes every day Similarly, the soul also leaves one body and assumes another body.


Therefore, when a Hindu body is burnt, the question of  “Rest in Peace” does not arise. So Hindus should use the following words for a Hindu dead soul.


  • Humble tribute
  • Homage
  • God bless the soul




Why Is RIP Used?


The word RIP is used to express sympathy and respect for the dying person or in other words, the word RIP is also used to pray to God for the peace of the soul of the deceased.


Which Words Are Used In Place Of RIP?


As I have told you the RIP was used by Christians and the British, in Hinduism, many other words are used in place of RIP, which is as follows.


  • May his soul rest in peace.
  • The name of Ram is the truth.
  • Om Shanti.
  • May God grant him salvation.
  • God bless him and get to heaven.

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Through the above article RIP Full Form | what is the Full Form of RIP, I have told you the Full Form of RIP, what is RIP full form, what is RIP Means, RIP meaning in English, RIP full form meaning, RIP meaning in death, what is RIP in English and RIP full form.


I think I have given you complete information related to the word “RIP” through this article, if you still have any doubts about RIP, then tell me in the comment box, and do not forget to share this article with your friends. 


Thank you so much for staying till the end.

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