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What Is SHO and SHO Full Form, Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website FullformsMeaning. Today, we are here for you with important information known as What Is SHO and SHO Full Form.

Friends, have you also searched about Full Form of SHO, what is SHO full form in police, what is SHO full form and SHO officer full form, etc And you are disappointed because not getting a satisfactory answer so you have come to a right place to Know the basics about, the meaning of SHO in English, SHO full form in police and SHO in police full form, etc.

Friends if you read the newspaper or watch the news, then you often get to see and hear the name of the SHO officer then the idea comes to your mind that after all what is SHO and what is SHO Full Form. Today I will make you aware of all the meaning of SHO so stay till the end of the article.

What is SHO and SHO full form?

What is SHO?

Friends SHO is a post that comes under Police Department. Thus you can consider the SHO officer as an officer of the Police Department who works as the In-Charge of the Police Station.

If SHO Officers are to be identified by looking, then their shoulders have 3 Star and Outer shoulder has Red and Blue coloured Strip Ribbon.

SHO Full Form In Police

The Full Form of SHO is the “Station House Officer“.

SHO Full Form In Hindi

The Full Form of SHO in Hindi is “थाना गृह अधिकारी

What Is The Meaning Of SHO?

Friends, the word “station house” is synonymous with “police station” and SHO is called the officer in charge of a police station in India. The SHO officer is also called the station head of any police station.

In this way, you must have understood that the post of SHO in a police station is very important and high.

Responsibility Of The SHO Officer

The job of an SHO officer is to investigate criminal offences committed under Indian law. This is a very prestigious and respectable position. Some Responsibilities of the SHO Officer are the following.

1. SHO is considered to be the chief officer of the police station of an area.

2. The SHO officer has full permission for any kind of criminal investigation.

3. SHO officer is an officer senior to a sub-inspector (SI).

4. The SHO officer is entrusted with the responsibility of many big works because he can make a big decision according to his mind when the time comes.

5. SHO has the full right to take any kind of decision to maintain law and order in his area.

How To Become SHO Officer?

Friends, the SHO officer is nominated by the state government. To become an SHO officer, you do not have to give any kind of separate examination. Officers working on the post of Sub Inspector of Police Department reach the SHO post by promotion.

SHO In Police Salary 

An SHO officer gets a pay scale ranging from ₹ 39000 –110000 per month. It varies from state to state. Apart from this, SHO also gets many government facilities.

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Through the above article What Is SHO and SHO Full Form, I have told you the Full Form of SHO, what is SHO full form in police, what is SHO full form, what is SHO, SHO officer full form, the meaning of SHO in English, SHO full form in police and SHO in police full form, etc.

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